Thoughts on my piecing

I love piecing| and I am teasing out ideas of why do I love piecing?

My research investigates what happens when cloth, fold and stitch come together to create something new. A new dialogue, new conversations and synergies,  This coming together is held with stitch and this makes a significant contribution to the discourse.

When I think back to my work done for my BA that’s exactly what it talked about – the coming together – the junctions – the significance of the newness or nascent ideas that come alongside the work and move into another area.

This is exactly what piecing is – it brings together fabrics, old and new that have had other previous forms, Reforming – remaking -reinventing – rethinking and asking new questions.. The stitching together of  challenging combinations of fabrics; old blanket and lace, soft jersey and linen canvas causes these new questions or revisits old paradigms.

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