kay swancutt indigo dyed fleece hand spinning

kay swancutt plant dyed and hand spun

This is a title that I probably thought I would never use. Yesterday in our regular stitch group meetings we were set a challenge to think about ‘Aesthetic’. After a discussion the subject of colour came up within that context. One person commented that she identified a person with a colour and mine was blue which I found interesting as I have worked in whites for so long but do love blue. Another colleague commented on how she works in black but after moving to work in other colours she was ‘relieved’.

This got me thinking, I always work in ‘whites’ but why?I knew why whilst I was doing my research but by now is this a safe place I know? Oddly I began to think that I create all these amazing colours with plant dyes but they rarely appear in any finished pieces either small or large why? These two processes seem to exist in isolation why?

There are many opportunities to work with my plant dyed materials as mostly I either grow or forage them and at many points they can be blended into other colours i.e. the dye process, carding, spinning, stitch and weaving. A great deal to think about.

One thought on “Colour

  1. Thought provoking post. I always think of your colour as shades of grey and pale turquoise sea colours.
    Got me thinking of mine and I think indigo would be fine with a dash of lime green!!

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