Weaving: Time

This work is about time; time taken, time being, time valued, time spent and time validated.

The time taken to choose the materials, slowly selecting the warp, warping up and winding the shuttles. Importantly being present when the weaving is taking place.

Weaving is a meditative time and the relationship between the materials, process and me is a closely guarded time.

The piece is a visual record of the experience and the quiet simple work is the reality of the experience that talks about the flow that occurs when in the present moment.

This beautiful image was taken by the young talented photographer Dylan Roles. Many thanks Dylan


I love this image, thread warped up and waiting; the possibilities are now endless to what happens next. Its a quiet time reflecting on what these warps will hold, and how they will respond to my hands and to each other as I begin to challenge them but allow them a voice of their own. The outcome is almost completely unknown to me; as a new weaver I am experimenting with the materials that I am using and its always a surprise to see what happens, that’s what is so exciting about textiles; the materials have a voice as individuals but also as a collective.


I have decided to use my blog as a point of reflection in these times. I have started to weave this year; not an unusual move as my interest in the fundamentals of cloth itself has been a profound factor in my research for many years and continues to be so. The making of cloth has focused me on the process itself and teaching myself to spin both on a drop spindle and a wheel has informed my ideas around my love of earth to object more fully. Hand stitching is still an important part of my practice and I feel that the hand stitching informs my weaving and my weaving informs my stitch. Growing, processing and using my own dye plants is also included and important to me.