Machine Stitch

Its official I am ‘rubbish’ at machining. When I am doing it – all I want is for it to be over, in comparison to immersing myself in the actual stitch and the relationship between fabric and thread of hand sewing. I feel its cumbersome and the poor old machine knows I feel this way, its trying its best but its ‘clonking’ away and I find the sound very disturbing.I must give it some time so that I can get to know it again – must press on

Machine stitch

machine stitching 006  Yes, this is a piece of cloth being stitched by machine, something I have resisted at all costs. It’s a very different experience to hand stitch, seems at the moment much more complicated and less able to be manipulated.  It does however have a very different technical approach where I have the sewing machine, camera and computer all acting as my tools to make and record the work immediately its stitched and at stages as I work.



During my Ph.D research I know that I have to compare my hand stitched sampling with machine stitch.  I am struggling with the idea of placing this large lump of metal between me and the cloth I am engaging with.  The machine stitched pieces are about the outcome; the hand stitched pieces are about the process. My hands will be used only to guide the cloth through the machine to be stiched, whilst I physically make the stitch when hand stitching and have much more creative input into the outcome.