During my Ph.D research I know that I have to compare my hand stitched sampling with machine stitch.  I am struggling with the idea of placing this large lump of metal between me and the cloth I am engaging with.  The machine stitched pieces are about the outcome; the hand stitched pieces are about the process. My hands will be used only to guide the cloth through the machine to be stiched, whilst I physically make the stitch when hand stitching and have much more creative input into the outcome.

One thought on “Struggle

  1. This is fascinating and has made me reflect on any machine stitch I do.
    I can say that for my work, when machining, I can enter a flow state where the speed of the machine, the feel and sound of it become integrated into my process – the foot is important in this respect!!!! However, that is probably due to ‘free-machine’ drawing process I guess… Will think more!

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