Thoughts about Making

Chris Offili once said ‘always remember that the studio is a laboratory and not a factory’ 

I am always inspired by curiosity; by a need to investigate things and how they work. To learn how materials work with tools and the hand.

My work is process focussed and it responds to the consciousness of my making. The intentionally slow work grows as it connects with the materials and the hands, responding to the heritage of these simple yet complex crafts . Head, heart and hand.

These diary pieces that I am making for our exhibition ‘time: make in Stroud next week record the progress and process as it moves iteratively from one experiment to the next; sometimes in order or more often a seemingly random approach with a tenuous link to the previous one. 

Exhibition dates: 14 – 18 September Lansdown Hall and Gallery Stroud

Susi Bancroft, Jean Kirk and Kay Swancutt

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