(So as to float without being moored or steered)

I feel adrift, trying out things to work on but not being able to concentrate or carry on with them. Flitting from one thing to another – not settling on anything.

Not really wanting to do any work – worse still not knowing what I want to do. Not seeing a way out.  This is most unusual for me and I need to accept this situation – stepping back for a time of reflection and stillness – allowing things to happen to be accepting.

I am not anxious about this – I feel calm in the knowledge that for me giving myself time will engender something positive without knowing what this is.

Step one is to tidy up my workroom and put away many of the different things I have been doing acknowledging that this is important and selecting one thing to work on for the moment – being with my materials and tools may well help. 

I seem to be drifting towards colour – can colour heal? I think we know the answer to that one. I think we know it does if we give it a chance.

Quinary are having a ‘working’ together virtual three days soon so that time is useful to me – I don’t know what will happen but that’s fine and almost required and it certainly doesn’t matter what physical work comes from it. – be open minded and open to all opportunities.

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