I am reading a wonderful book at the moment called Quilting Lessons notes from the scrap bag of a writer and quilter by Janet Catherine Berlo. She is an academic with many publications under her belt but has had writers block for some time and turns to quilting.  She discovers that she has changed one set of circumstances for another, not dissimilar in her passions for both; quilting many hours a day; using serendipity as a process.   The quilting is helping her to understand her connections with her earlier life experiences and how quilting has been employed in many circumstances of loss throughout history.

I found this book ‘ by chance’ but is very relevant at the moment for me. I have only read 10% of it at the moment but she is a very good writer.  Another book of hers Wild by Design also looks interesting.

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  1. HI Kay

    I have both books in my collection. I have read Wild By Design and it is good. I have not read Quilting Lessons yet, but it was recommended to me by the academic who wrote the essay for my solo exhibition, mended world. Janet Berlo’s essays pop up in several texts having to do with women’s studies and material arts and I have quoted Janet Berlo in one of the essays I wrote for Opus. Her insights into the woman’s art of traditional quilt making are right on.

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