Linen and Bamboo

Whilst I was working on the sample below I realised that the union between thread and cloth is demonstrated through the individual natures of the elements and the coming together of both.  The quite coarse linen is softened by the quality of the silky bamboo thread; difficult to work as the thread is shredded by the linen resisting the thread being pulled through the cloth. The warp and weft of the linen cloth make a large contribution to the visual outcome of the sample. The patterning forced to cross over the strength of the warp and weft.  The bamboo thread is produced for weaving so gains its strength in the warp and weft alliance when woven. None of the often experienced meditative quality of stitching is experienced in this sample as there is often a ‘tug’ going on to manipulate the cloth and thread into the devised pattern.   

A really aesthetically pleasing piece is achieved in this sample ( not always achieved) the colour of the natural linen and the whiter bamboo thread work together well.

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