Weave symposium

Yesterday, I went to a wonderful symposium called ‘Weave’ – part of Stroud International Textile Festival where Brunel Broderers are having an exhibition and I have work as part of the exhibition.

The symposium grounded me, told me that the weavers have some common ground with the stitchers, with similar questions and inspirations.  I am always impressed that the weavers know so much about their materials and the qualities of the materials that they are experimenting with.  I think thats why I am interested in weave as my somewhat ‘ simple’ elements of stitch, cloth and thread construct my piece for me, but a slight change in any of these can cause great changes in a piece.  These elements need much more investigation as individuals in order to know the impact of them on the collaboration.

It has quietened me, caused me to go back to the simple elements – investigate more, both through stitching and reading.

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