I had a lovely talk with my friend Susi today and a chance remark she made when we were discussing my reluctance to machine stitch has given me an idea to develop a new piece. We were discussing that Susi finds it really easy to free machine but she didn’t know how she would feel if she was making seams in folds as I am doing, (and this is the exciting bit) unless she was doing very long seams. !!!
I am going to make a very long stitched seam by machine (say 3m long) in a narrow piece of cloth and record it to see what happens.
I have to admit that the piece I am stitching on the machine at the moment with turban cloth isn’t looking too bad at all – I like the repetitive nature of the stitch. Thanks Susi

Machine stitch

machine stitching 006  Yes, this is a piece of cloth being stitched by machine, something I have resisted at all costs. It’s a very different experience to hand stitch, seems at the moment much more complicated and less able to be manipulated.  It does however have a very different technical approach where I have the sewing machine, camera and computer all acting as my tools to make and record the work immediately its stitched and at stages as I work.