I have begun to look at weaving as a means of stitching.  Comparisons can be made whilst making. I  am really enjoying learning a new skill and the contemplative nature of the weaving, much like running stitch. 


It’s time I got back here.  I have handed in my Ph.D. thesis this week with a mixture of feelings.  Pleased I can now get back to the stitching !!!! that I had to put on one side for the likes of contents pages, abstracts and appendices.

I have three large scale pieces to finish for my final exhibition and  viva in April.  20151101_141124 This is the start of one of the pieces; adding stitching to a Victorian under garment.

Walcot Chapel

Four friends and I are going to be working in a pop up studio in Bath; Walcot Chapel  This is an old mortuary chapel and is a very calm space to work; the public might wander in and out or not.  Its the opportunity to work together in a different space and absorb the charm and calm of the space.  We have to take everything with us even water and at first I thought this was going to be difficult but now I am looking upon it as an opportunity.  I have to get there daily either by walking or the bus so can’t carry much with me and as I usually work minimally this will give me the chance to look at this as an important aspect of my work.

Everything I take with me I have to carry – so I have to really question ‘ what is it I really need with me to stitch’? To fulfil my concept of the piece being stitched? The short answer is not much – I shall include the travelling to the space as working and reflecting on the process and practice of working in this space.

It will be challenging but I hope we shall have some interesting conversations with each other and if any members of the public do come in, then with them also.